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IBM Sales Mastery 00M-649



試験科目:IBM 「IBM Rational Systems & Software Engineering Sales Mastery Test v2」

IBM 00M-649認証試験を通るために、いいツールが必要です。IBM 00M-649認証試験について研究の資料がもっとも大部分になって、Pass4Testは早くてIBM 00M-649認証試験の資料を集めることができます。弊社の専門家は経験が豊富で、研究した問題集がもっとも真題と近づいて現場試験のうろたえることを避けます。

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NO.1 What challenge is typical in companies developing complex systems and products.?
A. The inability of people to work together on a project, regardless of role.
B. The advent of multiple new programming languages and techniques.
C. Inconsistent directives from senior management.
D. A qualitative underreporting of client usage statistics.
Answer: A

IBM   00M-649   00M-649認定資格   00M-649

NO.2 How does Rhapsody help reduce development time?
A. It automatically makes adjustments for changes in concept.
B. It manages the workload for the entire project.
C. It generates applications and documentation from the design model.
D. It imports design data from existing reports and documentation.
Answer: C

IBM問題集   00M-649過去問   00M-649練習問題   00M-649   00M-649参考書

NO.3 Which key challenge facing organizations is addressed using Enterprise Architecture Management?
A. Understanding how to optimize the software development practices.
B. The need to achieve greater governance to meet regulatory compliance.
C. Speeding build processes in software development.
D. Getting an overall view of all assets deployed within the IT organization
Answer: A

IBM   00M-649   00M-649   00M-649認定試験

NO.4 Your customer says Our requirements are evolving too fast and they are out of control. Everyone is
constantly altering the requirements and it is impacting our project delivery dates and budget.
Which of the following Rational DOORS capabilities would best help your customer address this
requirements management problem?
A. Change management capability.
B. Requirements filtering capabilities.
C. Requirements link
D. Reporting
Answer: A

IBM   00M-649認定証   00M-649参考書   00M-649

NO.5 In the Smarter Products and Systems Solution Whiteboard there is a V
process diagram.
Which part of the V-diagram represents testing?
A. The left side to show the hierarchy of tests down to the component test level.
B. The right side to represent the unit verification and system validation against the requirements and
C. The bottom of the V
since both component and unit testing occurs after requirements and before
D. Across the top of the entire V
since testing must be done early and throughout the systems
development process
Answer: B

IBM   00M-649参考書   00M-649   00M-649

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