試験科目:「IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Sales Mastery Test v1」
問題と解答:全40問 P2040-060 勉強方法

>> P2040-060 勉強方法

試験科目:「IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 Solution Development」
問題と解答:全52問 C2180-272 クラムメディア

>> C2180-272 クラムメディア


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NO.1 A sales company is currently running 2 message flows. The first, ProcessOrder, validates
customer orders and then sends the shipping information to the warehouse via an MQ request
message. Once the warehouse has shipped the order, a reply is sent back which is processed by
the second flow, SendConfirmation, to send a confirmation to the customer. The company is now
expanding and has multiple warehouses. The solution developer must modify ProcessOrder to
send messages to each warehouse only for the items it stocks, and SendConfirmation to send a
response message only when all warehouses have replied. What node(s) should the solution
developer use?
A. SendConfirmation -> MQGet
B. SendConfirmation -> Collector
C. ProcessOrder -> Sequence
SendConfirmation -> Resequence
D. ProcessOrder -> AggregateControl and AggregateRequest
SendConfirmation -> AggregateReply
Answer: D

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NO.2 A solution developer has deployed a message flow containing the DatabaseRetrieve node. The
connection properties to the database were created using the mqsicreateconfigurableservice
command. The solution developer has been told that the database is to be relocated to a different
server. How should the connection properties be updated by the solution developer to reflect the
new server?
A. Run mqsisetdbparms.
B. Run mqsichangebroker.
C. Run mqsichangeproperties.
D. Use a context sensitive menu in the Broker view of the Toolkit.
Answer: C

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NO.3 A solution developer has been informed of a problem with a message flow. Based on the error
given, the problem seems to occur in ESQL code. The solution developer determines the need to
debug the code. How does the solution developer set a breakpoint in the ESQL code?
A. 1. Right click message flow

NO.4 Set breakpoint in appropriate location

NO.5 Redeploy flow
B. 1. Right click Compute node
2. Choose open ESQL
3. Set breakpoint on right hand side margin

NO.6 A message flow needs to be designed such that available messages must be processed in
sequential order. Missing messages in the sequence must be discarded if they appear later. The
solution developer implements this message flow using Sequence and Resequence nodes. To
meet the specifications for this message flow, how should the solution developer wire the
Resequence node?
A. The Out, Expire, and Missing terminals should be wired together.
B. The Out terminal should be wired, but the Expire and Missing terminals should be left unwired.
C. The Out and Missing terminals should be wired together, and the Expire terminal should be left
D. The Out and Expire terminals should be wired together, and the Missing terminal should be left
Answer: D

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NO.7 To activate any new function included in a fix pack, which command must the solution
A. mqsicvp command.
B. mqsireioad command.
C. mqsichangebroker command with the -f parameter.
D. mqsichangeproperties command with the -n parameter.
Answer: C

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NO.8 Choose Debug
C. 1. Double click Compute node
2. Find code breakpoint location
3. Right click left margin of code window beside this location
4. Choose Add Breakpoint
D. 1. Double click JavaCompute node
2. Find code breakpoint location
3. Left click margin of code window beside this location
4. Choose Add Breakpoint
Answer: C

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2. A solution developer needs to implement Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) on a
message flow for a stock trading company. During unit testing, the solution developer determines
that only the first of four messages, expected in order, have arrived at the destination. During
troubleshooting, what conclusion must the solution developer come to?
A. The second message in the sequence is lost, and so the third and fourth messages have not
processed yet.
B. The sequence number of message two has got out of sync and a reset needs to occur to allow
the other messages to flow to their target.
C. The data of message two is corrupt not allowing message three or four to be processed and
those messages are sitting on the reliablemessaging source queue.
D. The data of message two is corrupt not allowing message three or four to be processed and
those messages are sitting on the reliablemessaging destination queue.
Answer: A

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3. A solution developer is setting up Message Broker for debugging flows. There is a need to set
JVM debug port to 2314 from command line for a specific execution group called "MDM" and a
broker called "WMBBRK1". Which command does the solution developer need to use?
A. mqsichangebroker WMBBRK1 -e MDM -o ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmDebugPort -v 2314
B. mqsireportproperties WMBBRK1 -e MDM -i ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmDebugPort -v 2314
C. mqsichangeproperties WMBBRK1 -e MDM -o ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmDebugPort -v 2314
D. mqsichangeproperties WMBBRK1 -e MDM -i ComIbmJVMManager -n jvmDebugPort -v 2314
Answer: C

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4. A customer recently implemented a new standard that all deployable objects must display
Author, and Defect number in the QuickView panel of Message Broker Explorer. How must the
solution developer code this requirement?
A. &MQSI_Version=v1.0 MQSI&
&MQSI Author=George MQSI&
&MQSI Defect=123456 MQSI&
B. %MQSI_Version=v1.0 MQSI%
%MQSI Author=George MQSI%
%MQSI Defect=123456 MQSI%
C. $MQSI_Version=v1.0 MQSI$
$MQSI Author=George MQSI$
$MQSI Defect=123456 MQSI$
D. &WMB_Version=v1.0 WMB&
&WMB Author=George WMB&
&WMB Defect=123456 WMB&
Answer: C

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