NO.1 Which three conditions must be met for an endpoint to return results for an analysis?
A. The analysis must be activated.
B. The applicability relevance must evaluate to True.
C. A master operator must first activate the analysis.
D. The endpoint must be in the domain containing the analysis.
E. The endpoint must be subscribed to the site containing the analysis.
F. The analysis property definitions must be the same as the applicability relevance.
Answer: A,D,F

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NO.2 A new patch from Microsoft has been made available, and the security group has requested a
list of vulnerable systems. How can a list of systems efficiently be retrieved from the IBM Endpoint
Manager (IEM) console?
A. Review the Windows Vulnerability analysis to provide a detailed list of applicable computers.
B. In the Computers list select each computer and record the systems that are relevant to the patch.
C. In the Fixlets and Tasks list select the Fixlet/Task, go to the Applicable Computers tab. and record
the systems that are relevant to the patch.
D. In the Vulnerable Systems list, select the Fixlet/Task, go to the Applicable Computers tab. and
record the systems that are relevant to the patch.
Answer: C

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NO.3 How can a non-master operator view all the results in the IBM Endpoint Manager console for
an analysis that was globally activated?
A. All Content domain > Analyses node, select the analysis in the list pane, and select the results tab
in the work area.
B. Analyses domain > All Content node, select the content in the list pane, and select the computers
tab in the work area.
C. All Content domain > Computers node, select each computer individually, and view the Summary
tab for each computer.
D. BigFix Management domain > Computers node, select each computer individually, and view the
Summary tab for each computer.
Answer: C

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NO.4 A simple script requires a one-time deployment against an operator's managed endpoints.
Without creating a Fixlet or task, how would the operator take action in the IBM Endpoint Manager
A. click Tools > Single Action
B. click Tools > Take Custom Action
C. double-click an action taken previously and edit the Action Script
D. right-click on the computers being targeted and select Take Action
Answer: B

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0 Endpoint%20Manager/page/BigFix%20Actions

NO.5 What does an earlier deployed action with a current state of Open indicate?
A. The action has been opened by the client running on the target endpoints.
B. The action is still running on relevant machines. It remains open until the completion state is 100%.
C. The action is currently being edited by another operator and will remain open until the action has
been saved.
D. The action is active and will run on any endpoint that is relevant. It remains open until its
expiration date elapses, or an operator stops it.
Answer: A

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NO.6 Which option is best suited for applying an operating system patch with the IBM Endpoint
Manager (IEM) console?
A. Run a wizard
B. Take action on a task
C. Take action on a Fixlet
D. Run the IEM Configuration dashboard
Answer: C

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NO.7 Which two statements best describes a retrieved property in IBM Endpoint Manager?
A. A valid property must contain string results.
B. A property consists of a definition and a result.
C. A property must reside in a non-master operator site.
D. A valid property must contain four or more different data formats at the same time.
E. A property is a system or configuration attribute reported by the client to the server.
Answer: A,E

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0 Endpoint%20Manager/page/Property%20%26%20Relevance%20Examples

NO.8 Which frequency period would potentially return the most number of results per endpoint?
A. Every report
B. Once per day
C. Every four hours
D. Every other hour
Answer: B

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