NO.1 Which of the following is not a benefit of the ILE solution?
A. Improve officer safety
B. Informant recruiting
C. Share information across jurisdictions
D. Access data by role
Answer: B

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NO.2 How can NDI help a customer with multiple types of intelligence (SIGINT and HUMINT) and data
A. Collaboration services
B. Data acquisition capabilities, including federation
C. Scalability
D. Geospatial capabilities
Answer: A

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Clients need to work collaboratively and requireinteroperability across all services.

NO.3 Multiple visualization options facilitate deeper insight to information. Visualizations available in
Analyst's Notebook include:
A. Timeline, link analysis and social network analysis
B. Dashboard and bar chart
C. Scatter plot, link analysis and data flow diagram
D. Histogram, tree map and table
Answer: A

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* Understand the critical timeline of events or patterns within criminal activities using powerful
temporal analysis tools. *Quickly highlight key individuals and relationships and their connections to
key events with core link analysis capabilities. *Identify key individuals within target networks more
quickly using social network analysis

NO.4 What are the core capabilities of NDI?
A. Intelligence repository
B. GIS interface
C. Visual analysis
D. All of the above
Answer: D

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A:Exploit multiple repositories either: within IAP or the main repository or "in place" where they live
outside IAP - For example, existing iBase systems. C:Analysts rapidly turns vast, disparate data sets
into actionable intelligence using advanced visual analysis tools on complex data sets

NO.5 Which of the following is not a key part of thei2 value proposition for financial services?
A. Built on open standards, allowing easy integration with legacy systems and other IBM offerings
B. Makes the existing case management team significantly more effective and efficient, thereby
contributing to quick ROI.
C. Scales on an affordable and secure basis
D. Complements existing fraud detection capabilities
Answer: C

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NO.6 Which of the following best describes the benefits Miami-Dade Police Department experience
using i2 ILE?
A. Following a lengthy installation / integration project. MDPD now have a single solution to access all
data stores, internal and external, reducing the number of investigative staff required.
B. A single solution from the officer on the street to command staff supports tactical lead generation
through access to historical records, assisting in generating links, associations and reports.
C. A single solution from the officer on the street to command staff supports strategic planning
andresource deployment, with a single point to search all data stores allowing fast lead generation
and case resolution.
D. A and C
Answer: D

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A:MDPD is leveraging the RLEX and COPLINKdata structure to integrate the various inhousedata
sources. C:Field Investigation and Crime Analysis
Improve workflow of criminal identification and investigation capabilities
Visualization of criminal and location information
Trend and Analysis of criminal history
Situational awareness
Proactive alerting to the officers by using Predictive modeling for faster leads of suspects

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