Pass4Test VMwareの2V0-651試験問題解説集というのは一体なんでしょうか。VMwareの2V0-651試験問題解説集ソースを提供するサイトがたくさんありますが、Pass4Testは最実用な資料を提供します。Pass4Testには専門的なエリート団体があります。認証専門家や技術者及び全面的な言語天才がずっと最新のVMwareの2V0-651試験問題解説集を研究していますから、VMwareの2V0-651試験問題解説集に受かりたかったら、Pass4Testのサイトをクッリクしてください。あなたに成功に近づいて、夢の楽園に一歩一歩進めさせられます。


試験科目:「VMware Certified Professional 6 - Desktop and Mobility Beta」
問題と解答:全110問 2V0-651試験問題解説集

>> 2V0-651試験問題解説集

試験科目:「VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Beta」
問題と解答:全218問 2V0-621問題

>> 2V0-621問題

試験科目:「VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) Exam (VCAD510日本語版)」
問題と解答:全112問 VCAD510日本語認定テキスト

>> VCAD510日本語認定テキスト


Pass4TestのVMwareのVCAD510日本語認定テキストはあなたに時間とエネルギーを節約させます。あなたが何ヶ月でやる必要があることを我々はやってさしあげましたから。あなたがするべきことは、Pass4TestのVMwareのVCAD510日本語認定テキストに受かるのです。あなた自身のために、証明書をもらいます。Pass4Test はあなたに必要とした知識と経験を提供して、VMwareのVCAD510日本語認定テキストの目標を作ってあげました。Pass4Testを利用したら、試験に合格しないことは絶対ないです。



NO.1 Refer to the Exhibit.
An administrator wishes to provide Load Balanced I/O for the device shown in the Exhibit.
To meet this requirement, which setting should be changed?
A. Path Selection Policy = Round Robin (VMware)
B. Path Selection Policy = MRU (VMware)
C. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_NMP_RR
D. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_SATP_RR
Answer: A


NO.2 After deploying a vSphere Platform Services Controller (PSC), an administrator is unable to
install vCenter Server. The error displayed is:
Could not contact Lookup Service. Please check VM_ssoreg.log.
Which two actions can be taken to correct this problem? (Choose two.)
A. Configure a valid Identity Source for the Platform Services Controller in the vSphere Web Client.
B. Uninstall and reinstall the Platform Services Controller software.
C. Ensure that there is no firewall blocking port 7444 between the PSC and vCenter Server.
D. Verify that the clocks on the host machines running the PSC, vCenter Server, and the vSphere Web
Client are synchronized.
Answer: C,D

2V0-621短期   2V0-621試験対策講座   

NO.3 Refer to the Exhibit.
An administrator is using the esxtop command to troubleshoot storage performance issues on a
virtual machine. The esxtop capture is shown in the Exhibit.
Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. The NFS device is experiencing high latency.
B. The Guest OS is experiencing high latency and response time.
C. The ESXi kernel is experiencing high latency.
D. The iSCSI device is experiencing high latency.
Answer: B,D

2V0-621明細カテゴリ   2V0-621技術者   

NO.4 Refer to the Exhibit.
An administrator manages a High Availability (HA)/Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)enabled
cluster and has configured the affinity rule shown in the Exhibit.
Which two statements best describe the configuration shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)
A. HA will not failover Marketing to ESXi hosts that are not in the Host Group.
B. DRS will not attempt to keep Marketing on the ESXi host
C. HA will failover Marketing to ESXi hosts that are not in the Host group.
D. DRS will attempt to keep Marketing on the ESXi host
Answer: B,C


NO.5 An administrator notices that there is an all paths down (APD) event occurring for the
software FCoE storage.
What is a likely cause?
A. Spanning Tree Protocol is enabled on the storage processors.
B. Spanning Tree Protocol is enabled on the network ports.
C. Spanning Tree Protocol is disabled on the storage processors.
D. Spanning Tree Protocol is disabled on the network ports.
Answer: B

NO.6 An administrator is writing a kickstart script to upgrade an ESXi 6.x host.
In which three locations can the script reside? (Choose three.)
Answer: A,D,E

2V0-621内容   2V0-621試験解答   

NO.7 What are two use cases for Fibre Channel Zoning in a vSphere environment? (Choose two.)
A. Can be used to separate different environments.
B. Controls and isolates paths to an NFS share.
C. Increases the number of targets presented to an ESXi host.
D. Controls and isolates paths in a fabric.
Answer: A,D

2V0-621答案   2V0-621ディレクトリ同期   

NO.8 Refer to the Exhibit.
-- Exhibit --
An administrator has created the DRS cluster shown in the Exhibit.
Based on the exhibit, which statement is true?
A. The Prod-VM1 will always have more CPU resources than all other virtual machines.
B. Under CPU contention, Prod-VM1 receives four times the CPU resources than TestVM1.
C. The Test-VM2 will always have less CPU resources than all other virtual machines.
D. Under CPU contention, Test-VM1 will receive 25% of the total CPU resources.
Answer: B

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