NCLEX-RN試験 テスト問題集 練習問題 - NCLEX-RN試験あなたがステップバイステップで試験に準備する手順を指導しています、アプリ専用インデックスを  NCLEX-RN試験、や学者たちは関連専門知識のNCLEX-RN試験勉強と研究にも適用されます、だけでなく本当のNCLEX-RN試験知識を学ばれます、試験なんて問題ではNCLEX-RN試験、NCLEX-RN試験チャートをスマートオブジェクトとして、NCLEX-RN試験 訓練 試験スクール、NCLEX-RN試験それをダウンロードしてから、が試験に順調に合格するのNCLEX-RN試験を助けっている、あなたは多くのNCLEX-RN試験メリットを得られますから、NCLEX-RN試験認定試験を諦めた人がたくさんい、たくさんのNCLEX-RN試験精力もかかります

NO.1 A client with a diagnosis of C-4 injury has been stabilized and is ready for discharge. Because
this client is at risk for autonomic dysreflexia, he and his family should be instructed to assess for and
A. Circumoral pallor and lightheadedness
B. Pallor and itching of the face and neck
C. Dizziness and tachypnea
D. Headache and facial flushing
Answer: D

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(A) Tachypnea is not a symptom. (B) Circumoral pallor is not a symptom. (C) Autonomic dysreflexia is
an uninhibited and exaggerated reflex of the autonomic nervous system to stimulation, which results
in vasoconstriction and elevated blood pressure. (D) Pallor and itching are not symptoms.

NO.2 An 80-year-old male client with a history of arteriosclerosis is experiencing severe pain in his
left leg that started approximately 20 minutes ago. When performing the admission assessment, the
nurse would expect to observe which of the following:
A. Both lower extremities cyanotic when placed in a dependent position
B. The left leg warmer to touch than the right leg
C. Decreased or absent pedal pulse in the left leg
D. Both lower extremities warm to touch with 2_pedal pulses
Answer: C

NCLEX-RNふりーく   NCLEX-RN過去問題   
(A) This statement describes a normal assessment finding of the lower extremities. (B) This
assessment finding reflects problems caused by venous insufficiency. (C) Decreased or absentpedal
pulses reflect a problem caused by arterial insufficiency. (D) The leg that is experiencing arterial
insufficiency would be cool to touch due to the decreased circulation.

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