NO.1 A customer needs an application to reload in a short time period. The source tables are log files
that are appended to on a daily basis.
Which performance tuning option should a developer use?
A. the Load prefix Buffer and set the Keep Outdated QVD Buffers in the Document Properties
B. the QVD files to store the source tables
C. the Load prefix Buffer with the incremental option
D. the Partial Reload command with the append option
Answer: C

Topic 5, Deliver the QlikView Application

NO.2 A client has a data set with two tables.
The Customer table has fields CustomerID, AssignedTo, FirstName, and LastName. The
Orders table has fields CustomerID, AssignedTo, Product, and Quantity.
The AssignedTo field holds an employee reference.
Users need to see Customers and Orders by employee.
The employee assigned to the Customer may not be the same as the employee assigned
to the Order.
Which technique should be used in the script to meet the requirement?
A. use Rename Field syntax to alias one of the AssignedTo fields
B. create a concatenated key of CustomerID and AssignedTo in both tables
C. comment out the AssignedTo from the Customer table
D. comment out the AssignedTo from the Orders table
E. load the tables leaving the automatic associations
Answer: A


まだQlikViewのQV_Developer_01日本語参考書を悩んでいますかこの情報の時代の中で専門なトレーニングを選択するのと思っていますか?良いターゲットのトレーニングを利用すれば有効で君のIT方面の大量の知識を補充 できます。QlikViewのQV_Developer_01日本語参考書「QlikView 11 Developer Certification Examination (QV_Developer_01日本語版)」によい準備ができて、試験に穏やかな心情をもって扱うことができます。Pass4Testの専門家が研究された問題集を利用してください。

試験科目:「QlikView 11 Developer Certification Examination (QV_Developer_01日本語版)」
問題と解答:全70問 QV_Developer_01日本語参考書

>> QV_Developer_01日本語参考書

試験科目:「QlikView 11 Developer Certification Examination」
問題と解答:全70問 QV_Developer_01過去問

>> QV_Developer_01過去問




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