FileMaker FM0-301認証試験の最高なテストバージョン

FileMakerのFM0-301認定試験は実は技術専門家を認証する試験です。 FileMakerのFM0-301認定試験はIT人員が優れたキャリアを持つことを助けられます。優れたキャリアを持ったら、社会と国のために色々な利益を作ることができて、国の経済が継続的に発展していることを進められるようになります。全てのIT人員がそんなにられるとしたら、国はぜひ強くなります。Pass4のFileMakerのFM0-301試験トレーニング資料はIT人員の皆さんがそんな目標を達成できるようにヘルプを提供して差し上げます。Pass4のFileMakerのFM0-301試験トレーニング資料は100パーセントの合格率を保証しますから、ためらわずに決断してPass4を選びましょう。

Pass4Test FileMakerのFM0-301試験問題集は完全な無制限のダンプが含まれていますから、Pass4Testを利用したら気楽に試験に受かることができます。製品検定合格の証明書あるいは他の人気がある身分検定によって、Pass4Test FileMakerのFM0-301試験トレーニング資料の長所を完璧に見せることができます。依頼だけでなく、指導のことも最高です。Pass4Test FileMakerのFM0-301試験トレーニング資料に含まれている問題と解答を利用して、FileMakerのFM0-301認定試験に合格することができます。

今競争の激しいIT業界で地位を固めたいですが、FileMaker FM0-301認証試験に合格しなければなりません。IT業界ではさらに強くなるために強い専門知識が必要です。FileMaker FM0-301認証試験に合格することが簡単ではなくて、FileMaker FM0-301証明書は君にとってはIT業界に入るの一つの手づるになるかもしれません。しかし必ずしも大量の時間とエネルギーで復習しなくて、弊社が丹精にできあがった問題集を使って、試験なんて問題ではありません。


あなたは自分の職場の生涯にユニークな挑戦に直面していると思いましたら、FileMakerのFM0-301の認定試験に合格することが必要になります。Pass4TestはFileMakerのFM0-301の認定試験を真実に、全面的に研究したサイトです。Pass4Test のユニークなFileMakerのFM0-301の認定試験の問題と解答を利用したら、試験に合格することがたやすくなります。Pass4Testは認証試験の専門的なリーダーで、最全面的な認証基準のトレーニング方法を追求して、100パーセントの成功率を保証します。Pass4TestのFileMakerのFM0-301の試験問題と解答は当面の市場で最も徹底的かつ正確かつ最新な模擬テストです。それを利用したら、初めに試験を受けても、合格する自信を持つようになります。

試験科目:FileMaker 「Filemaker7 Developer essentials exam」


NO.1 Click the Exhibit button.
Given the FileMaker Pro 7 Relationships Graph shown in the exhibit, which table occurrence should be
assigned to a layout that contains a portal that shows all students for all of a teacher's classes?
A. Classes
B. Advisors
C. Teachers
D. Enrollment
Answer: C

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NO.2 Consider the return delimited data in the Contact field of a FileMaker Pro 7 database are:
John Smith
Mary Jones
Julie Hyde
Which three formulas could be used to extract the string Mary Jones from Contact? (Choose three.)
A. Middle (Contact ; 12 ; 10)
B. MiddleValues (Contact ; 2)
C. MiddleWords (Contact ; 3 ; 2)
D. MiddleWords (Contact ; 3 ; 4)
E. MiddleValues (Contact ; 2 ; 1)
Answer: ACE

FileMaker問題集   FM0-301認定試験   FM0-301認定試験   FM0-301

NO.3 If a field in FileMaker Pro 7 has been set to validate Always, which three actions will trigger validation
on that field? (Choose three.)
A. importing data into that field
B. exporting data from that field
C. editing data in the field using Instant Web Publishing
D. clicking into the field, then immediately exiting the field
E. attempting to change the value of the field using a Set Field[ ] script step
Answer: ACE

FileMaker問題集   FM0-301練習問題   FM0-301

NO.4 Click the Exhibit button.
On a FileMaker Pro 7 layout based on the table occurrence Teachers, a portal is designed to show all the
students based on the table occurrence Students. Which two statements are true about adding a new
student in the portal? (Choose two.)
A. The table occurrence Students must be directly connected to Teachers.
B. All the relationships from Teachers to Students must be set to be able to create records.
C. Only the relationship between Enrollment and Students must allow creation of related records.
D. All the relationships between the table occurrence Teachers and the table occurrence Students must
use the = operator.
Answer: CD

FileMaker参考書   FM0-301問題集   FM0-301認定試験   FM0-301

NO.5 Consider two FileMaker Pro 7 files, Alpha and Beta, where a table from Beta appears as an externally
referenced table occurrence on Alpha's Relationships Graph. Which three statements are true? (Choose
A. Layouts in Alpha can display data from Beta.
B. Alpha can contain multiple valid file references to Beta.
C. It is impossible to lock records in both Alpha and Beta simultaneously.
D. Layouts from Beta cannot be displayed in the same window as layouts from Alpha.
E. A table occurrence from Beta is required on Alpha's Relationships Graph in order to call a script in Beta
from Alpha.
Answer: ABD

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NO.6 Which three statements about field validation are true in FileMaker Pro 7? (Choose three.)
A. Fields can only be validated by a single criterion.
B. Field validation warnings may be triggered by scripts.
C. Users can be prevented from overriding the validation warning.
D. Users can be presented with a specific message that will see when a field fails validation.
E. A script can be specified to run when manually entered field data fails validation.
Answer: BCD

FileMaker問題集   FM0-301   FM0-301   FM0-301   FM0-301   FM0-301

NO.7 Given the following formula:
If( DayOfWeek (myDate) = 3 and (myField = 13 or myField = 23) ;
Get (FoundCount) ; Get (TotalRecordCount))
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. If myField is 13, the test to see if myField = 23 will not be performed.
B. If DayOfWeek(myDate) returns 6, neither of the tests involving myField will be performed.
C. If DayOfWeek(myDate) returns 3 and myField returns 8, then this formula will return the total number
of records in the found set.
D. Regardless of whether the test is true or false, both Get(FoundCount) and Get(TotalRecordCount) will
be evaluated during execution of this formula.
Answer: AB

FileMaker参考書   FM0-301練習問題   FM0-301練習問題

NO.8 Which three are affected by changing the behavior of a field to navigate to the next field using Tab,
Enter and Return in FileMaker Pro 7? (Choose three.)
A. exiting a record
B. executing a find
C. scripted navigation
D. navigating tab order
E. continuing a paused script
Answer: ABE

FileMaker認定試験   FM0-301問題集   FM0-301   FM0-301

NO.9 Click the Exhibit button.
You want to build a FileMaker Pro 7 database that models a business organizational chart. One person
may manage no one or many people. One person may be managed by at most one other person.
You want to build the system in such a way that a single layout showing information about a person can
display both the name of the current person's manager (if any) and the names of all people managed by
the current person.
What is the minimum number of tables you must define in the Tables tab of the Define Database dialog to
construct the layout?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
Answer: A

FileMaker   FM0-301練習問題   FM0-301問題集   FM0-301   FM0-301認定証

NO.10 Which three statements are true about field indexing in FileMaker Pro 7? (Choose three.)
A. Indexing improves the speed at which finds are performed.
B. Value lists require at least one of any field they reference to be indexed.
C. To establish a relationship between two fields, both fields are required to be indexed.
D. A value index, used in establishing relationships, stores up to 60 primary characters or digits per
return-delimited line.
E. Using Unicode or ASCII as the default language by which a field is indexed causes sorts on that field to
be case sensitive.
Answer: ABE

FileMaker   FM0-301   FM0-301参考書   FM0-301問題集

NO.11 Click the Exhibit button
Consider a FileMaker Pro 7 database with two tables called Salesperson and Order, and a relationship
between the two tables based on a SalespersonID field. The relationship is configured as shown in the
exhibit. There is a layout called Salesperson Detail, based on the Salesperson table occurrence, with a
portal showing Order records via the above relationship.
Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)
A. Deleting a Salesperson record also deletes all related Order records.
B. It is possible to create new Order records by importing data into the Salesperson table.
C. It is possible to create new Salesperson records by importing data into the Order table.
D. Users may create new Order records by entering data into the portal on the Salesperson Detail layout
E. It is possible to create a new Salesperson record using a Set Field [ ] script step in a script that runs in
the context of the Order table.
F. It is possible to create a new Salesperson record by typing into a related salesperson field displayed on
a layout that is based on the Order table.
Answer: DEF

FileMaker   FM0-301認証試験   FM0-301   FM0-301認証試験   FM0-301認定試験

NO.12 Consider a FileMaker Pro 7 database with the following tables and fields:
Using only Cartesian (cross or x ) relationships between occurrences of these tables, sorting if necessary,
which two actions can be performed? (Choose two.)
A. determine the mode of the order amount
B. determine the date of the most recent order
C. display all records from the Customer table in a portal
D. create a value list that shows all orders for a chosen customer
E. create a portal to show one record for each product that has ever been ordered
Answer: BC

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NO.13 What is the maximum number of characters that can be entered or imported into a text field in
FileMaker Pro 7?
A. 64 thousand
B. 1 million
C. 1 billion
D. 1 trillion
E. Number of characters is limited only by disk space.
Answer: C

FileMaker問題集   FM0-301参考書   FM0-301過去問   FM0-301

NO.14 Which statement is true in FileMaker Pro 7?
A. The Save record changes automatically layout option does not apply to users with [Full Access]
B. On a layout by layout basis, you can specify whether record changes made in Browse mode will be
saved automatically.
C. On a layout by layout basis, you can specify whether changes made to the layout when exiting Layout
mode will be saved automatically.
D. If the Save record changes automatically option has been turned off for a layout, then users will be
prompted to save their changes only when exiting the layout.
Answer: B

FileMaker過去問   FM0-301認定資格   FM0-301   FM0-301問題集   FM0-301問題集

NO.15 Click the Exhibit button.
You have a FileMaker Pro 7 layout based on the table occurrence of Classes. You have a portal showing
records from the table occurrence Students.
What happens if you place the field Students::Name into the portal?
A. The field displays <Field Missing> .
B. The field displays an enrolled student's name in each row of the portal.
C. The field displays the first matching student's name in every portal row.
D. The field displays an enrolled student's name in each row of the portal only if the student name is
calculated in the Enrollment table.
Answer: B

FileMaker   FM0-301   FM0-301認定資格

NO.16 What is the maximum number of files that can be hosted on FileMaker Server 7?
A. 125
B. 250
C. 350
D. 500
E. The number is limited only by server hardware.
Answer: A

FileMaker   FM0-301参考書   FM0-301   FM0-301過去問   FM0-301参考書

NO.17 You want to sort related records within a portal in a FileMaker Pro 7 database. What two methods
allow you to do this? (Choose two.)
A. select Sort by in the Edit Value List dialog
B. select Sort records in the Edit Relationship dialog
C. select Sort portal records in the Portal Setup dialog
D. select Sort records for the portal's table occurrence in the Specify Table dialog
E. select the Records>Sort Records... menu item, then select the portal's table occurrence in the Sort
Records dialog
Answer: BC

FileMaker過去問   FM0-301練習問題   FM0-301認証試験   FM0-301認証試験

NO.18 A number field in FileMaker Pro 7 called AmountPaid is set to auto-enter the following formula:.
The Do not replace existing value of field (if any) option is unchecked.
Which statement is true?
A. The calculation will only be evaluated the first time a value is entered into AmountPaid .
B. A user will not be able to manually edit the field once the calculation has been evaluated.
C. If the value in the AmountDue field is changed, the AmountPaid field will be re-evaluated.
D. The calculation will prevent a user from entering an incorrect value into the AmoundPaid field.
Answer: C

FileMaker   FM0-301   FM0-301   FM0-301認定証   FM0-301認定証

NO.19 Which two statements about relationships are true in FileMaker Pro 7? (Choose two.)
A. The > operator only works using numeric match fields.
B. You can build a relationship using multiple match fields.
C. It is possible to create a valid relationship where one match field is unindexed.
D. A table occurrence must be connected to at least one other table occurrence.
E. When enabling the option, "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship", only =, >=,
<= will properly populate match keys.
Answer: BC

FileMaker   FM0-301   FM0-301認証試験   FM0-301練習問題   FM0-301練習問題

NO.20 A database has two tables, Planet and Moon. Moons are related to a single planet and their
relationship is set to delete related records in the Moon table when a Planet record is deleted. Which
two things happen when the Planet table is deleted from the Tables tab of the Define Database dialog?
(Choose two.)
A. All data in the Planet table are deleted.
B. All records in the Moon table are deleted.
C. All records in the Moon table remain unaffected.
D. All records in the Moon table are deleted if the option to "Also remove occurrences of these tables in
the graph" was selected when deleting the Planet table.
E. All table occurrences of both Planet and Moon tables are removed if the option to "Also remove
occurrences of these tables in the graph" was selected when deleting the Planet table.
Answer: AC

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