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PCNSE6 Topics and Learning Objectives
There are six main topics covered on the PCNSE6 exam, with each main topic having its own set of learning objectives.
I. Architecture and Design
• Identify how Palo Alto Networks products work together to detect and prevent threats.
• Given a business scenario, design a solution that uses the Palo Alto Networks security platform to meet the business requirements.
• Evaluate high availability (HA) designs and configurations in various deployments.
• Identify the appropriate interface type and configuration for a specified network deployment.
II. Core Concepts
• Identify the advantages of Palo Alto Networks nextgeneration firewalls over traditional firewalls.
• Identify the key features of a Palo Alto Networks nextgeneration firewall and its advantages over a legacy layer-4 firewall.
• Based on the Palo Alto Networks packet flow architecture, determine the results of a policy evaluation.
• Given an attack scenario, identify the appropriate Palo Alto Networks threat-prevention component.
• Identify methods to map users to IP addresses and troubleshoot related issues.
• Identify the fundamental functions residing on the management and data planes of a Palo Alto Networks nextgeneration firewall.
III. Logs and Reports
• Identify considerations when configuring external log forwarding.
• Interpret log files, reports, and graphs to determine traffic trends and threat trends.
• Identify system and traffic issues using the Palo Alto Networks platform’s Web UI and CLI tools.
IV. Management
• Identify the required settings and steps necessary to provision and deploy a next-generation firewall.
• Determine how to leverage Panorama to centrally manage device configurations and logs.
• Given a technical scenario, explain the process needed to update a Palo Alto Networks system to the latest version of
 its code or content.
• Identify how configuration management operations are used to ensure operational integrity.
• Identify methods of authorization, authentication, and device administration.
• Identify the proper use of public key infrastructure components.
V. Networking
• Given a technical scenario, determine how to configure and troubleshoot interface components.
• Identify the configuration requirements and troubleshooting options for IPv6 implementations.
• Given a networking scenario, configure and troubleshoot routing.
• Identify the configuration settings for remote and site-to-site VPN.
• Identify ways to mitigate the issues associated with denial of service attacks and reconnaissance scans.
VI. Policies
• Identify the deployment, configuration, and management features of the security rule-base.
• Identify the deployment, configuration and management features of security profiles and options.
• Identify the deployment, configuration, and management features of the NAT rule-base.
• Identify the SSL decryption deployment strategies.
• Given a business scenario, identify proper methods of application override configuration and their uses.


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