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NO.1 The CIO of a small, commercial company wants to learn about the cost benefits of enabling
voice-over-Wi-Fi services. How do you describe the service to him?
Select the best response.
A. Voice-over-Wi-Fi that is integrated into the wired network allows a single control point to guarantee the
quality of the call, regardless of the transport over which the call is carried. This leads to significant cost
B. Voice-over-Wi-Fi provides continued cost savings through the convergence of communications
C. With voice-over-Wi-Fi, the Cisco Unified wireless solution supports quality of service.
D. With voice-over-Wi-Fi, the telephony system recognizes Wi-Fi handsets in the same way that it
recognizes traditional desktop phones, which allows employees to make and receive calls when they are
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which three of the following are technology components of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network?
(Choose three.)
Select 3 response(s).
A. unified advanced services
B. Self-Defending Network
C. network fault management
D. mobility platform
E. network management
F. wireless handsets
Answer: ADE

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NO.3 A small healthcare facility often misplaces expensive assets, such as IV pumps and wheelchairs. To
solve this problem, the facility placed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags on its valuable property.
Now when pieces of equipment are missing, employees can determine their exact location within minutes
using a Cisco Wireless Control System management interface.
Which of the following services enables this scenario?
Select the best response.
A. enhanced security
B. Voice over Wi-Fi
C. location-based services
D. WCS mapping and tracking
Answer: C

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NO.4 A growing retail company with 600 employees is considering a Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution.
In meeting with many members of the executive team, you have learned that the main concern of the
company is the lack of time that the sales staff has on the sales floor to interact with customers because
of time spent doing inventory management. Which of the following is the most appropriate point to focus
on when proposing a Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution to the executive team of the company?
Select the best response.
A. With the Cisco solution, you can provide voice-over-Wi-Fi phones to all your staff for free, which
improves their productivity, allowing them to spend more time with customers.
B. With the Cisco solution, you can enable mobile applications, which provide tangible cost savings and
return on investment (ROI) through improved productivity.
C. The Cisco solution allows sales staff to do inventory ordering right at the product shelf, which increases
the opportunities for customer interactions and raises the possibility of higher sales.
D. The Cisco solution enables improved productivity due to mobility, which leads to quicker inventory
Answer: C

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NO.5 Which two of the following are primary benefits of voice-over-Wi-Fi services? (Choose two.)
Select 2 response(s).
A. reduced cellular phone costs
B. reduced cost of replacing lost assets
C. increased employee productivity
D. a single profile across all network types
E. enhanced 911 services for tracking cellular users
Answer: AC

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NO.6 Ray Thomas, a global sales manager at a mid-sized, commercial company, is on his way from the
conference room to his office. At the same time, a client who wants to complete a large business
transaction with Ray's company is trying to reach Ray by phone. The Cisco Unified Communications
System determines that Ray is not at his desk and automatically routes the call to his current location.
Ray accepts the call while walking back to his office. After he arrives, he transparently transfers the call to
his desk phone, freeing his hands to access the information on his computer to complete the transaction.
Which of the following services enables this scenario?
Select the best response.
A. location-based services
B. voice-over-Wi-Fi
C. guest access
D. Intrusion Protection Services
Answer: B

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NO.7 Which three of the following benefits are the primary benefits of location-based services? (Choose
Select 3 response(s).
A. reduced cellular phone costs
B. increased employee productivity
C. reduced cost of replacing lost assets
D. streamlined business processes
E. a single profile across all network types
F. Radio Resource Management
Answer: BCD

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NO.8 An enterprise company hires a management consultant, Mary Hunt, to improve corporate
knowledge-management systems. The role requires her to be highly mobile within the enterprise as she
gathers information from a variety of employees. When Mary is back at her desk, she must compare her
new data with the data hosted on the corporate servers. After she logs in, the network recognizes her
consultant status and allocates her the appropriate access rights.
Which of the following enables this scenario?
Select the best response.
A. location-based services
B. guest access
C. enhanced security
D. network admission control (NAC)
Answer: B

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NO.9 A growing retail company needs to become PCI-compliant. Which of the following services enables
Select the best response.
A. location-based services
B. voice-over-Wi-Fi
C. enhanced security
D. RFID asset tracking services
Answer: C

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NO.10 Which two components would you find in a WLAN? (Choose two.)
Select 2 response(s).
A. fiber-optic cabling
B. access points
C. high-speed satellite transmissions
D. client adapters
E. MPLS Networks
Answer: BD

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